How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last?

by Kyle Tierney, Technical Services Manager, Stonhard

What is an Epoxy Flooring System?

Epoxy floors are made of resins and hardeners that by chemical reaction form together to create a strong, rigid material that bonds well to most surfaces and can be used in many markets, across various industries. Not only are epoxy floors extremely durable and long-lasting, they are also attractive, with a wide-range of color and design options for both commercial and industrial environments. With benefits like chemical resistance, wear-resistance, simple maintenance, and easy-to-clean qualities, an epoxy floor is likely to last you a long time.

Long-Lasting, Environmentally-Friendly Floors

One of the main benefits of seamless, epoxy flooring is that when installed, it becomes a part of the structure of your building by adhering to the concrete. Epoxy floors typically last 10 to 20 years and can last even longer with the proper maintenance and touch-ups. When it finally comes time to replace your floor, there will be no need for removal, and no need to throw away your old flooring. If you are an environmentally-conscious organization, it is important to note that epoxy flooring is a sustainable solution that won’t end up in a landfill. 

Wear-Resistant Floors for High-Traffic Environments

There are many factors that affect the life span of an epoxy floor, daily traffic being one of them. With heavy traffic, scuff and scratch marks can occur. Depending on the environment in which you are installing your floor, foot, cart, vehicular, and mechanical traffic can create serious wear. Wear-resistant epoxy floors are specially formulated to stand up to these harsh conditions and help your floor to last longer.

Epoxy Floors that Stand Up to Chemicals

Chemical exposure will also factor in when it comes to the life of your epoxy flooring system. Chemical attack will break the floor down quickly and this destruction can cost significant time and money if your epoxy floor is not formulated to resist chemicals that are used within the space. To extend the functional life of your floor, make sure your floors are chemical-resistant to protect against spills and splashes of corrosive elements. A first-rate flooring manufacturer will test the chemicals used within your facility prior to the installation of a floor.

Cleaning Epoxy Floors

For a long-lasting epoxy floor, follow the recommended cleaning procedures. Using rough brushes or pads will abrade the surface and remove the coatings/sealers. The cleaner you keep your floors, the longer they will last because dirt, sand, and other particles will not be worn over the surface (in essence, like sandpaper). Despite the durability of epoxy floors, it is still possible for continuous use on the surface to cause damage. If your epoxy floor begins to show damage due to abuse, it is important to repair the issue so that the damage does not spread. A reputable flooring company will provide you with a warranty. Recoating and retexturing as needed will keep the floor in good condition and prevent the base system from being worn down.

Buying the Right Floor the First Time

The key to long-lasting floors is to buy the correct floor for your space and ensure that it is properly used and cleaned. Know what to ask your flooring company and be certain they have a solution to meet all your requirements. This will help you to be certain you have the proper formulation to perform and last so that your operations aren’t interrupted by a failed flooring system. An epoxy flooring system can be the answer to all your flooring needs if you get the right floor, the first time.


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