Top 6 Stonhard Products for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers face many challenges in today’s environment. First, they are confronting a shortage of skilled workers as many older workers are retiring or are due to retire in the next few years. Second, the customer purchasing environment is changing and this requires changes to how orders are received. Older manufacturing facilities are struggling to keep up with competitors who have already upgraded to digital systems. Third, robotics are no longer a thing of the future and will continue to create changes to the manufacturing environment for many years. Finally, depending on shifts in global sourcing and changing trade agreements, the need for facilities in different areas of the world will fluctuate.

These challenges point to one thing, manufacturing companies cannot afford to fall behind or shut down for any length of time. Supporting the workers, the machinery, and all of the operating circumstances is the building’s physical structure and a floor that needs to stand up to demanding industrial conditions. When a facility loses production time for repairs and replacement of a floor, it is losing money and its competitive edge.

At Stonhard, we know this, because we are manufacturers ourselves. When it comes to your floors, we formulate, test, manufacture, and install with a focus on working with your schedule to keep you up and running and getting the installation done on schedule.

Since 1922, our floors have supported manufacturing environments and for nearly a century we’ve continuously worked on improving and expanding our products to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry.

Here are the top five products our clients use in their manufacturing facilities:

1. STONCLAD GS (epoxy-mortar system) – For superior impact and abrasion resistance with maximum chemical resistance, thousands of Stonhard customers for many decades have chosen Stonclad GSStonclad GS offers protection for heavy duty environments, standing up to the most demanding conditions. Stonclad GS flooring systems have been known to perform as long as 30 years under heavy forklift loads.

Features to remember: high strength, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, suited to high-traffic environments
Best areas of use: machine shops, traffic aisles, assembly lines, loading docks, warehouses

2.  STONCLAD UR (polyurethane mortar system) – In addition to impact and abrasion resistance as the other Stonclad products offer, since Stonclad UR is a urethane system, it stands up to thermal shock and thermal cycling in areas of extreme temperature changes due to equipment or washdowns.

Features to remember: resists thermal shock and cycling, wear resistant, high strength, quick installation
Best areas of use: loading docks, machine shops, assembly lines, traffic aisles

3. STONCLAD UF (unsealed and textured polyurethane mortar system) – An exceptionally durable, textured, and unsealed system that can be installed quickly, Stonclad UF provides the same notable features of other Stonclad urethane floors like impact, chemical, slip, and thermal resistance, but is designed for high abuse areas where coatings wear off over time. Without a sealer, this tough mortar system directly stands up under extreme conditions, a preference for many facilities, especially in the food and beverage industry.

Features to remember: superior resistance to thermal shock and cycling, wear resistant, high strength, quick installation
Best areas of use: meat processing, coolers, freezers

4. STONCRETE EFX (decorative epoxy mortar system with quartz and recycled glass) – The newest Stonhard product, Stoncrete EFX rivals polished concrete. For the front-end areas of your factory, Stoncrete EFX offers a sophisticated look available in many options that include mirror glass, recycled amber glass, or locally-mined quartz. It’s available in matte, satin, or semi-gloss finishes and can be installed for a new area or to resurface an existing floor. While it looks like polished concrete, it has longer lasting durability and performance.

Features to remember:  decorative, stain resistant, easy to clean
Best areas of use: control rooms, offices, bathrooms, locker rooms, lobbies, corridors

5. STONCLAD HT (ultra-corrosion-resistant epoxy mortar system) – Stonclad HT is a troweled epoxy mortar system that cures to an extremely hard impact-resistant floor. It has superior wear, abrasion, and chemical resistance.

Features to remember: chemical resistant, high strength, high-temperature resistant, suited to high-traffic environments
Best areas of use: assembly lines, battery rooms, loading docks, machine shops, traffic aisles

6. STONCHEM (high-performance resin lining system) – Stonhard also manufactures and installs lining systems for areas that need to withstand extreme physical conditions.

Features to remember: abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, impact resistant
Best areas of use: plating lines, chemical storage, containment pits, truck unloading


About Stonhard

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