Is Epoxy Quartz Flooring Right for Me?

Whether you are choosing new flooring systems for industrial or commercial use, epoxy quartz flooring truly stands out from other options. These floors are popular because of their wide range of benefits and aesthetic properties. 

Quartz epoxy floors combine the elements of high-quality epoxy-based polymer resin with carefully crafted colored quartz grains. Though durable, high-performance floors, they also add an attractive and decorative, shiny surface to any environment. 


Stonhard installed nearly 70,000 sq. ft. of durable, long-lasting epoxy floors throughout this pharmaceutical packacing facility.

What Is Epoxy Quartz Flooring? 

Epoxy flooring is comprised of multiple coats or layers of epoxy that are applied to a floor substrate with a thickness of at least two millimeters. These resin layers are troweled, coated, and poured onto the floor 

The installation of epoxy quartz flooring requires a resin body coating application over a base floor surface, which is often a primed concrete floor. 

There are three basic chemistries to choose from: epoxy, MMA, and urethane.  

Epoxy flooring is a strong and durable floor surface that is popular in commercial and industrial environments. Common areas include healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, manufacturing plants, showrooms, kitchens, locker rooms, research labs, and many more. 


Stoncrete EFX is a troweled, epoxy mortar system that has the look and feel of Polished Concrete, but with longer lasting durability and performance.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Epoxy Quartz Flooring?

Quartz epoxy floor coating incorporates decorative quartz into the epoxy resin to bring a basic concrete floor up a notch. This creates a floor surface area that is highly attractive and durable. 

Epoxy Quartz Floor – Pros & Cons 

Epoxy quartz floors come with their fair share of pros and cons.  


They’re durable. Quartz epoxy is tough and resistant to oil, gas, cleaners, and other chemical fluids. They are also heat and water resistant. 

Long-lasting. Depending on its application, quartz epoxy coatings typically last up to 20 years and longer. Coatings employed in industrial settings tend to have lower life spans due to their comparatively harsher environments and damage. 

They’re customizable. Epoxy quartz floors allow for almost unlimited options (colors, patterns) to achieve your desired look and effect. 


It can be slippery. Epoxy quartz floors have topcoats that offer slip resistance, making them safe to use even when wet. However, these floors can become slippery in the event of oil or chemical spills unless a specific additive is applied. Varying degrees of texture can be provided based on the use of the area and potential for spills and slips 

So, is Epoxy Quartz Right for You? 

If you’re looking for a floor that is easy to clean an maintain while offering durability, scratch resistance, and decorative properties, epoxy quartz flooring may be the perfect fit for your facility.  

With its poured-in-place, seamless design epoxy quartz flooring is more hygienic and more sustainable than traditional flooring options. To be certain your floor will last in your environment, it is best to consult with an expert who can recommend the right formulation for your space. 


An epoxy quartz floor in an educational setting.

Let Stonhard Help 

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