Going into any healthcare facility, patients want to be assured they are coming into a safe and clean environment. Choosing the right floors is key to providing peace of mind to patients, visitors, and staff. Follow along as we share the many benefits of Stonhard flooring solutions in your healthcare facility. 

Healthcare Flooring with Performance and Design  

Choosing the floors for your hospital, urgent care center, or doctor’s office is a crucial part of making patients, employees, and visitors feel cared for. Healthcare facilities have specific requirements when it comes to flooring products and design, and above all that they meet infection control standards. Some other important considerations include slip resistance, cleaning and maintenance, durability, comfort, and stain and chemical resistance. Stonhard can provide all of these benefits plus design on one floor. That’s because we know that the operating room floor has different requirements than the cafeteria, so we formulate solutions that will perform and last in specific environments.  

Seamless, Sanitary, and Safe Floors for Healthcare Facilities  

Safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance to our customers, which is why Stonhard floors are seamless. Traditional hospital floors have welds and do not have the ability to protect against bacterial growth the way a poured-in-place, seamless, non-porous floor does. Stonhard flooring systems combined with an integral cove base offer the ultimate in sanitary protection and easy cleaning. In addition, for extra protection against microbes, Stonhard offers Stonplus PROTECT, a permanent bacteriostat and fungistat that is toxicologically safe, EPA registered, and contains no heavy metals.  

View Our Healthcare Flooring Brochure  

Stonhard flooring systems can be customized to meet the needs of your healthcare facility. Stonhard has everything you need when it comes to durable, hygienic, long-lasting floors, crafted with the needs of your staff and patients in mind. Check out our brochure for healthcare facilitiesto learn more about the floors we manufacture and our installation procedures.  

About Stonhard  

Our flooring experts will guide you through our systems, finishes, and colors to optimize your space and fit your specific needs. Best of all, we are your sole source of contact throughout the entire journey. You can trust the Stonhard team to be by your side before, during, and after installation. Contact us to learn more about Stonhard flooring systems for your healthcare facility.

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