Thinking about refurbishing your medical facility? Don’t be daunted by your task list. Instead, start from the ground up. A hospital is as good as its floors, so consider these important factors when establishing a foundation for your renovation: cleanliness, durability, stain resistance, and noise reduction.  

1. Seamless Floors Set the Stage for Seamless Operations 

The daily operations of a medical facility require patients and staff to come into contact with a myriad of germs and dangerous pathogens. As a result of this, stringent cleaning procedures are imposed to meet regulations and keep processes running as smoothly as possible. Having a seamless floor can make this feat easier as the absence of grout lines and welds keeps bacterial growth from forming in tiny crevices. Needless to say, hospitals foster a busy, fast-paced environment, making the time-saving, easy-to-clean properties of a seamless floor a perfect solution. 
TIP: Seamless flooring systems also make for a more efficient work day; wheeling patients on gurneys or wheelchairs has never been easier with a smooth, seamless surface.

2. Stain-Resistant Floors are a Must in Healthcare

Stain-resistant floors are specially formulated to withstand discoloration from certain substances, a quality that is highly beneficial in the healthcare industry. Patient rooms, operating rooms, hallways, and labs aren’t complete without stain-resistant floors. The look and feel of a room can affect patient recovery periods, so it is important to design the area accordingly while protecting floors from unsightly stains.

TIP: Think of your hospital floors as a long-term investment, one that can bolster maintenance staff morale and save you from costly repairs over time.

3. Choose High-Traffic Flooring for Long-Lasting Durability

The hectic atmosphere of a hospital requires a foundation that can support it – this is where high-traffic, durable flooring comes into play. From the operating room, to the waiting room, a floor that can withstand constant wear and tear is essential. Such floors will stand up to the daily heavy foot and equipment traffic hospital surfaces endure. Combined with high-strength, durability, and resiliency, it is important to install floors that are manufactured to handle it all.

TIP: High-traffic floors can go years with minimal maintenance and will save your facility the disruption caused by replacing floors. 

4. Flooring Acoustics Matter for a Speedy Recovery 

Creating a calm, tranquil environment is a factor that cannot be ignored. Studies have proven that noise can contribute to high blood pressure and other ailments in patients. To ensure proper patient recovery, owners should look to invest in a sound-absorbing floor; excellent acoustical properties make guests feel at ease, while decreasing distractions for employees.

TIP: Choosing the right material is a vital part of the sound-dampening process. Resilient floors offer an ideal option for noise reduction.

5. Floor Design Makes a Difference

Sterile hospital floors do not have to look sterile and institutional. Today’s hospitals can create a warm, welcoming experience with the use of soothing colors and custom designs or patterns to match the nature of the hospital wing. For instance, a children’s wing may include fun or interesting shapes. Hallways can include directional aids to assist visitors. Just as sound absorption can assist with a speedy recovery, a soothing or inspiring design can also improve a patient’s temperament and accelerate recovery.

TIP: With a poured-in-place flooring system, virtually any pattern or custom color is possible while still providing the performance factors hospitals require for hygiene and durability.  

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