How to prevent costly downtime and irreparable damage in semiconductor fabrication facilities 

Electronics are sensitive components – a surge of electricity or exposure to static charge can do irreversible damage and cost manufacturers and facility managers both time and money. Not to mention, built-up static charges of significant volumes can even result in an electric spark and potentially lead to explosions and fire! 

Even though static electricity is a part of life, it can be regulated to avoid interference with daily operations and keep workers and facilities safe. 

And it starts with the floors. 

ESD floors, also known as static-dissipative floors or conductive floors, provide superior static control, inhibiting static electricity on a person or from reaching sensitive equipment. These floors help direct electrostatic discharge to grounding points and help safeguard sensitive equipment and personnel. In a full ESD program, the floor is joined by other protective measures, including ESD footwear, grounded table-tops and ESD wrist straps. 

Check out the benefits of ESD flooring: 

  • Protecting personnel from injury or loss of life due to shock or explosion. ESD floors are often used to protect those working in cleanrooms. 
  • Protecting sensitive electronic components from damaging static electricity. 
  • Better performance than tile, which can delaminate under heavy-duty conditions. 
  • Saving money on replacing or repairing electronic equipment that has failed or been damaged due to static electricity. 
  • Creating a 100% effective static-controlled environment, complete with ESD footwear. 

Seamless, safe, clean floors are the only option for semiconductor environments. Stonhard’s pouredin-place clean floor solutions, ranging from coatings to multi-layered systems, are designed to protect chip manufacturing environments against contamination. They are resistant to impact, abrasion, chemical spills and stains, and keep dust from compromising chips and wafers. 

Stonhard will install on your schedule and meet your deadlines to avoid prolonged downtime and loss of production time. When you choose high-performing, rigorously tested, durable floor solutions from Stonhard, you won’t have to worry about having to shut down operations due to floor failures. 

For more information on our semiconductor flooring solutions, read our brochure or click here to learn more about Stonhard’s ESD flooring. 

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