Food processors know that sanitary design is not an option. Rules, regulations, and standards must be followed to ensure food is safe from contamination. By meeting hygienic standards, food manufacturing facilities protect their employees and their customers. Should a product become contaminated and cause illness, the company faces loss of time and money due to shutdown, recall, litigation, and damage to their reputation. 

Resinous flooring and wall systems in the food and beverage industry solve a number of food safety problems because they are seamless, slip resistant, easy to clean and withstand thermal shock and exposure to organic acids, caustics, and aggressive cleaning agents. 

There are more guidelines to follow than ever, but Stonhard closely follows the industry and offers several ways to ensure your floors and walls are set up to combat daily exposures to hazardous conditions. 

To start, Stonhard has a number of HACCP-certified flooring systems to meet the needs of your demanding food and beverage manufacturing facility. In addition, we partner with companies to bring you top-of-the-line hygienic drain systems and high-performance polymer wall curbs that work in combination with our seamless floors. 

Learn more about our turnkey model, flexible installation schedules, and product recommendations, in our new brochure for sanitary food and beverage facilities. 

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