Poured-in-place resinous floors are the most sanitary flooring option you can select for your commercial facility. Seamless floors are easy to clean, ensuring dirt and bacteria are not left behind. With features including wear, stain, and chemical resistance, these floors offer a wide range of benefits that will positively impact productivity in any commercial space. Available in a wide range of colors and design options, resinous floors look attractive and remain that way. If you are considering having an epoxy, urethane, or MMA flooring system installed in your facility for the first time, here are some things you should know about how to clean them.  

Commercial spaces require specific products and practices to ensure proper maintenance. Cleaning routines and procedures will vary depending on the nature of your commercial facility.  

DON’T: Wax your floor  

If you have had tile or terrazzo floors, you may be used to waxing the floor of your retail store, hotel, school, or other commercial facility. A resinous flooring system does not require waxing. In fact, wax needs to be aggressively scrubbed with black pads made for stripping to remove it from the floor, which will remove the finish of your seamless floor and damage it. Aggressive cleaning is not recommended.  

DO: Use gentle tools and non-stripping cleansers  

Use soft, white nylon brush attachments instead of pads, along with a cleanser that will not strip your floors.   

DON’T: Use hard bristle brushes  

Using hard bristle brushes will damage your floor, not make it cleaner. When your resinous floor becomes damaged by the use of aggressive tools, it will become harder to properly maintain. This will render your floor less attractive and negatively impact its sanitary condition.   

DON’T: Use a cleanser that leaves a residue  

The wrong cleaning product, one that leaves a residue, can change the texture and the appearance of your floor. This buildup can make the floor slippery, causing a hazard for employees and visitors. If you have a seamless conductive flooring system (found in places like broadcasting studios and data centers), residue can interfere with the floor’s electrostatic dissipative properties.  

DO: Use a floor scrubber  

Can you mop and rinse a resinous floor in a commercial space? Yes, absolutely. The beauty of using a scrubber is you can clean during operating hours (key for places like hospitals). Scrubbers get more water off the floor, whereas mopping the floor will take longer to dry and can cause safety issues. A floor scrubber or cleaning machine is an investment, but in the long run it will save you time and money. The right choice will depend on your type of facility and the square footage of your space.  

DO: Talk to your resinous flooring representative about how to clean your floor  

A knowledgeable floor expert will be able to tell you information about your specific floor type and the best tools and cleaning products to use. 

All Stonhard seamless flooring systems are easy to clean and maintain and are built to withstand the conditions of their environment. Cleaning procedures vary by industry, but a Stonhard representative will always be able to answer your questions about your flooring product and its requirements. 

Stonhard offers its own brand of cleaning products, Stonkleen. Stonkleen is tough on dirt and stains, easy to use, and sustainable. Stonkleen products are formulated to maintain Stonhard flooring systems no matter where they are installed. From spot lifters to daily-use products, to deep cleaning formulas and heavy degreasers, Stonkleen offers various solutions, each formulated for specific use.  

Have a question about cleaning your floors or want to learn more about installing resinous floors in your commercial space? Call Stonhard, 800.257.7953.  

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