Selecting the right flooring system is one of the most critical decisions for food and beverage companies. Our “Top 5” list details what flooring systems are best for long-term protection in your specific area of operation. 

The Best Floor for Your Food Manufacturing or Beverage Processing Environment 

Finding the right flooring system is vital for the success of any company in the food and beverage industry. With the wide variety of options most flooring companies offer, it is often hard to determine which product would be the best fit for a particular area of operation. At Stonhard, we not only have the capabilities to formulate our own products, we manufacture the materials as well. This unique capability of synthesizing our own polymer systems allows us to carefully control and tailor the properties of each product to meet the specific needs of our customers. Here are the top five products, (all HACCP certified) our clients use in their food and beverage environments: 

1. STONCLAD UT (polyurethane system)

Floors in food and beverage facilities experience drastic temperature changes. With high-temperature spills and the constant shift from hot, cold, and hot again, facilities require protection from thermal shock/thermal cycling. Stonclad UT withstands these conditions and prevents floors from cracking.  Stain and chemical resistant as well as easy to clean, Stonclad UT delivers on providing the most hygienic flooring solution for your environment. Stonclad UT is HAACP certified, meaning that it goes above and beyond in meeting safe and sanitary standards within the food industry.  Stonclad UT is a seamless, poured-in-place flooring system, so bacteria and dirt are prevented from finding places to harbor. Installation is fast, in some cases within two days. 

Features to remember: HACCP certified/hygienic , thermal shock and thermal cycling protection Best areas of use:Food production, meat packaging, CIP areas, freezers, bottling lines, dairies 

2. STONCLAD UR (polyurethane system)

Stonclad UR is urethane-based rehabilitation mortar system that is durable and long lasting, saving facilities time and money they would otherwise spend on flooring repair and replacement. Stonclad UR is able to be troweled vertically to cover curbing and inside trench areas, and is designed for heavily-sloped floors. 

Features to remember: vertical surfaces (curbs, coves, trenches), rehabs poor concrete, water resistant Best areas of use:Commercial bakeries, commercial kitchens, dry storage, heavily-pitched areas, and light traffic areas 

3. STONCLAD GS  (epoxy mortar system)

High-strength, high-traffic flooring is key in environments that endure heavy loads and equipment on a daily basis. The compression-resistant and high-strength properties of Stonclad GS will help to prevent wear and tear from machinery, wheeled and foot traffic, and other heavy equipment.  In an environment that is constantly moving, it is imperative that its floor stands up to daily abuse. The high performance of Stonclad GS is relied upon throughout the world for this very reason.  

Features to remember: High strength, high traffic Best areas of use: Traffic aisles, processing, and packaging areas 

4. STONSHIELD UTS (polyurethane mortar system)

In areas where grease, water, and spills may be common, we recommend Stonshield UTS. Its decorative, textured finish contributes to its slip-resistant properties and increased traction, reducing the chance of falls in the workplace.  

Features to remember: Decorative, Slip resistant  Best areas of use: Wash-down areas, mixing areas, breweries 

5. STONCLAD XPRESS SL (methyl methacrylate slurry system)

When it is imperative to minimize downtime for renovations or to save critical path time on new construction projects in a food and beverage facility, Stonclad Xpress SL is both fast (typically overnight) and reliable. This product cures to an extremely hard, impact-resistant floor which provides abrasion, wear and chemical resistance. 

Features to remember:Fast installation, low-temperature installation, high strength 
Best areas of use: Coolers, freezers 

Stonhard is the unprecedented world leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance polymer floor, wall and lining systems. Stonhard maintains 300 territory managers and 200 application teams worldwide who will work with you on design specification, project management, final walk-through and service after the sale. Stonhard’s single-source warranty covers both products and installation. Contact us to learn more about our HACCP-certified flooring systems and other specialized solutions for the Food & Beverage industry. 

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