by Kyle Tierney, Director Technical Services, Stonhard 

Finding the right flooring system is vital for the success of any company in the pharmaceutical industry. With the wide variety of options most flooring companies offer, it is often hard to determine which product would be the best fit for a particular area of operation. At Stonhard, we not only have the capabilities to formulate our own products, we manufacture the materials as well. This unique capability of synthesizing our own polymer systems allows us to carefully control and tailor the properties of each product to meet the specific needs of our customers. 

All Stonhard resinous flooring systems are seamless and non-porous, so they are ultra-hygienic, providing no spaces for bacteria to harbor and grow. In addition, Stonhard floors resist biocides (e.g. Spor-Klenz®), so they remain durable and attractive and last for the long-term. That being said, Stonhard has formulated flooring systems to meet your preferences and the specific challenges of your pharmaceutical space. 

Here are the top five products our clients use in their pharmaceutical environments: 

1. STONTEC TRF (mortar-based decorative system)

Floors in pharmaceutical environments require a durable smooth cleanable system that will handle the daily operations and disinfectants. Stontec TRF provides a mortar base with high-compressive strength along with maximum durability and impact resistance. This is what makes it one of our most popular flooring systems for biotech and pharmaceutical spaces. In addition, it has a decorative tweed finish that will stay attractive due to its stain-resistant properties. Several color options and blends are available and it can be installed quickly, even in situations where the substrate is damaged. 

Features to remember: stain resistant, impact resistant, excellent for renovations Best areas of use:  ISO/clean rooms, airlocks, spine, gowning areas, corridors, locker rooms, showers, lobbies, animal holding areas, vivariums, manufacturing areas 

2. STONRES RTZ (polyurethane system)

Stonres RTZ is a resilient, noise-reducing flooring system that is stain resistant, durable and long lasting. It comes in a wide range of decorative options, including custom patterns. Since it is poured-in-place, like all Stonhard floors, it is easy to clean and maintain and offers the highest hygienic protection because there is no place for dirt or bacteria to hide or harbor and grow. In fact, it is Stonhard’s number one flooring system for surgical centers/operating rooms, where hygiene and impact resistance is of the utmost importance. 

Features to remember: ergonomic, quiet, stain resistant, impact resistant, decorative, sterile Best areas of use: ISO/clean rooms, lobbies, necropsy areas, packaging areas, processing areas, research labs, sterile areas, vivariums 

3. STONRES STR (polyurethane system)

Like Stonres RTZ, Stonres STR is also ergonomic, resilient, and noise reducing. Stonres STR is a solid color with a matte finish.  

Features to remember: ergonomic, quiet, stain resistant, noise reducing Best areas of use: sterile areas, processing areas, necropsy areas, gowning rooms 

4. STONCLAD GS (troweled epoxy mortar system)

For superior impact and abrasion resistance with maximum chemical resistance, thousands of Stonhard customers for many decades have chosen Stonclad GS. Stonclad GS offers protection for heavy duty environments, standing up to the most demanding conditions. Stonclad GS flooring systems have been known to perform as long as 30 years under heavy forklift loads. 

Features to remember: high strength, chemical resistant, fire resistant, abrasion resistant, impact resistant  Best areas of use: airlocks, animal holding areas, autoclaves, biosafety laboratories (levels 1,2,3 and 4), blending rooms, manufacturing areas, necropsy areas, packaging areas, spine, warehouses

5. STONGLAZE VSE (urethane wall system)

This multi-layer, liquid-applied, flexible urethane wall system is perfect for keeping sterile environments, sterile. In conjunction with Stonhard floors, your walls will be waterproof and stand up to rigorous conditions. Its smooth, glossy finish is easy to clean and will look as clean as it is sterile.

Features to remember:  waterproof, seamless, uv resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, fire resistant Best areas of use: washdown areas, vivariums, sterile areas, showers, restrooms, ISO/clean rooms, gowning areas 

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Stonhard is the unprecedented world leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance polymer floor, wall and lining systems. Stonhard maintains 300 territory managers and 200 application teams worldwide who will work with you on design specification, project management, final walk-through and service after the sale. Stonhard’s single-source warranty covers both products and installation. Contact us to learn more about our pharmaceutical flooring systems and other specialized solutions for the Pharmaceutical/BioTech industry.

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