Grocery stores are one of the most heavily-trafficked retail spaces. From families with strollers and shopping carts, to the heavy machinery that is used to load the shelves, grocery store floors see a lot of action, which means wear and tear. For safety and aesthetics, it is critical for grocery stores to choose the right flooring solutions for aisles, entrances, and back-of-house areas.

1. Wear Resistance

If you operate a grocery store, there are many things to consider when choosing the right floor for your populated setting. With the heavy amount of foot traffic that grocery stores receive, it is important to have a wear-resistant floor in place. When it comes to floors, wear resistance refers to the life of the floor. In a grocery store, this includes how well the floor will hold up under the traffic of customers, employees, carts, and heavy machinery. It is important to consider that after a significant amount of traffic, your floors can acquire scuff and scratch marks - this is why it is important to know that some surfaces will hold up better than others under these conditions. Wear-resistant floors are specifically created to stand up to harsh conditions, dirt, and routine cleanings.  

2. Slip Resistance 

Slip-resistant flooring is also an important attribute when it comes to grocery stores. In a retail environment, such as a grocery store, it is easy for items to fall off shelves and leave a mess on the floor. After cleanup, the wet surface can become a hazard to customers and employees, that may lead to serious liability. These floors are specially designed with increased traction to reduce slip-and-fall accidents and potential injury – making them most suitable for supermarkets.

3. Stain Resistance

While many industries can benefit from stain-resistant floors, grocery stores come into contact with stain-producing substances more often than others. These floors protect surfaces from unattractive marks which can affect how consumers view your store. In addition, stain-resistant floors are formulated to withstand discoloration that occurs when surfaces come into contact with liquids or materials that stain. As an owner, it is important to recognize that messes and spills are common in places like grocery stores; and having an easy-to-clean, seamless floor provides a consistently sanitary environment for customers, saves money on replacement costs, and helps to provide a manageable workload for maintenance employees. 

4. Quick Installation 

Avoiding downtime when installing a new floor system in a popular grocery store is crucial. Grocery stores are some of the most highly trafficked places and it is important that renovations be done in a timely manner.

5. Design

Successful grocery stores must combine both functionality and design when it comes to flooring. While it is extremely important for floors to be safe and clean, design is equally as essential. Grocery stores should be able to create an environment that can stand up to heavy traffic and spills while also emitting a welcoming presence to customers. To stand out from competitors, floors can be created in custom colors and design patterns for a unique look.

6. Meeting USDA Flooring Guidelines

The United States Department of Agriculture outlines many standards for floors installed in grocery stores. These guidelines are set in place to ensure that all food or beverage sold in these facilities are free from contaminants and harmful substances. The USDA requires that floors are kept in prime condition so that food can be handled and stored in a sanitary environment. The USDA also states that floors must be made using materials that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. These rules set in place are extremely important, especially in grocery stores that are responsible for the distribution of food to hundreds of people each day. 

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