The flooring in your commercial facility will no doubt see its fair share of wear and tear from customers, patrons, staff, and others. 

Whether you are looking to install floors for a walkway, parking garage, deck, ramp, eating area or any other outdoor environment, you will want a flooring system that can withstand rainwater, snow, and ice, the sun’s UV rays, abrasion, and near-constant use. 

Regardless of your goals, there’s one necessary common denominator for these busy spaces, and that is durability. 

While durability is always a major flooring material consideration, it’s an absolute must for high-traffic, exterior environments on campus, at your retail environment, hospital, restaurant, or any busy public space. 

In this blog, we will provide a rundown of several outdoor commercial spaces and the features to look for in flooring products. Using this as a guide for your materials search, you can gather the information necessary in selecting the right flooring system to meet your aesthetic and performance goals for years to come.  

Outdoor Flooring for Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants  

Outdoor floors take a beating every day. Whether you own or manage a restaurant, hotel, or other venue, you know that heavy foot traffic means constant wear and tear.  

While hotels require different flooring than restaurants, hospitality flooring must meet the same criterion: it must perform, be slip-resistant and withstand heavy foot traffic for many years.  


Stondeck combines a decorative appearance with excellent stain and wear resistance, as well as light stability. It is ideal for outdoor eating venues, walkways, and other light pedestrian areas. 

In parking lots, it stands up well to harsh weather elements like sunlight, salt, and corrosive vehicle fluids.  

Areas: walkways, entrances, eating areas, patios.  

Key feature: UV Resistance - formulated to withstand ultra-violet rays (UV rays) that emanate from the sun and some man-made lighting.   

Crush (Liquid Elements)  

Liquid Elements Artfully Poured Floors, a brand of Stonhard, offers unique, decorative flooring solutions for commercial environments. 

In its urethane flooring formulation, Crush is a versatile and textured, natural surface featuring slip and scratch resistance, and easy maintenance for exterior applications. 

A seamless bonded natural aggregate grip system can be used to surface outdoor areas and repair or enhance exterior concrete damaged by salt.  

Areas: sidewalks, entryways, dining areas, patios, pool decks.  

Key feature: Water Resistance – Protection against damage and costly repairs; protects employees and visitors against safety hazards like buckled or broken floors.  

Durable Outdoor Flooring for Healthcare Facilities 

While the interiors of hospital and healthcare facilities see a heavy amount of foot traffic, outside entrance corridors and walkways are likewise exposed to high levels of pedestrian traffic.   

Flooring for these outdoor environments needs to withstand heavy rolling loads, provide endurance and easy maintenance, as well as slip, fire, and abrasion resistance.   

Stongard TM  

Stongard TM is a high-build system that provides a durable, UV-stable, waterproof coating suitable for traffic bearing applications. Safe, long-lasting textured traffic bearing membrane that stands up to the harshest elements, including salts and corrosive fluids.  

Areas: helipads, pedestrian bridges, parking decks, outdoor walkways, lobbies, and entryways.  

Key feature: High strength flooring stands up to the weight of heavy equipment and traffic.  

Property Management - A Focus on Outdoor Spaces 

All commercial businesses need flooring that is durable and easy to clean. Flooring materials also have a significant impact on how people perceive a business. 

Consider the options for your commercial space to ensure your floors make a great first impression on visitors and patrons.  

Stongard TM  

As a durable, UV-stable, waterproof flooring system suitable for various traffic-bearing applications, Stongard TM features excellent chemical resistance to road salts and petroleum-based products. 

It is ideal for outside areas where cars or low speed vehicles may be utilized (zoos, walkways, parking lots, etc.)  

Like other epoxy and urethane-based floors, it is also slip, abrasion, and fire resistant.  

Areas: outdoor public spaces and paths, zoos, banks, churches.  

Key feature: High-traffic flooring that stands up to constant use in busy areas for many years with minimal maintenance.  

Resinous Floors for Parking Structures 

With the constant weight of heavy vehicles and moving traffic, parking structure flooring must be strong and durable to avoid deterioration that could force a temporary facility closure. 

This flooring must also be safe for pedestrians and vehicles with brightly lit, slip-resistant, level surfaces that can withstand the elements as well as corrosive materials like oils, petroleum, and salts.  

For a long-lasting, cost-effective parking structure flooring solution, consider Stonhard’s Stondeck flooring system:  


Stondeck systems use urethane technology that is specially formulated for vehicular traffic in demanding environments like parking structures (parking decks and parking garages), as well as pedestrian structures.   

Stondeck traffic coating solutions can be customized for increased durability, rigidity, moisture resistance, slip resistance and UV stability. 

Superior to sealers and paint, it is the ultimate protection for exterior and interior structures that experience high traffic. Meets ASTM requirements.  

Areas: new construction or rehab, interior and exterior decks, stalls, ramps; entrances for commercial spaces like office buildings, hotels, stadiums, hospitals, universities, malls, and airports.  

Key feature: Abrasion Resistance - Stands up to wear and tear caused by foot and mechanical traffic, as well as mechanical equipment.   

Do you have more questions about our products for exterior applications? Contact us and your local territory manager or architectural engineering & design representative will be happy to answer and set up a site visit!   

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