Are you building a commercial kitchen? Have you decided on a floor? Consider polyurethane. Learn more about the details and features for your next floor. 

What Floor Will Last in My Commercial Kitchen? 

You’re building or repairing a commercial kitchen. You know it’s a high-traffic environment that takes a lot of abuse from high-temperature conditions and spills that can scorch and stain. Rolling carts and the moving of heavy commercial equipment can damage your floors as well. You want a floor that will last and work effectively for your employees, offering slip-resistance, easy cleanability and a low maintenance regimen. So what’s the solution? 

Poured-in-Place Polyurethane Flooring in Commercial Kitchens 

For serious protection in high-traffic commercial kitchens, a polyurethane mortar system will provide protection against organic acids, thermal shock and cycling, impact and abrasion – all typical culprits in the breakdown of floors within food environments. 

With a seamless, poured-in-place, polyurethane floor system, you’ll have all the benefits of extraordinary performance under demanding conditions along with an easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t trap dirt, grime or bacteria in its joints like tile and grout systems do. A polyurethane flooring system can be textured for slip-resistance as well. Because these floors are poured in place, they become part of the building’s structure and last longer than other materials. Not only will it outlast other systems, but it can be installed rapidly, allowing your kitchen to be up and running, cooking and serving. 

Can I Have a Decorative Floor in My Commercial Kitchen? 

Seamless, polyurethane systems installed in a commercial kitchen can also be decorative, but be sure to consider the conditions. If heavy ovens need to be moved for cleaning, it is possible for damage to occur. Consult the flooring manufacturer. 

Making the Right Decision about Commercial Kitchen Flooring Now, Saves Time and Money Later 

You know that it’s vital for your commercial kitchen to operate effectively, efficiently and smoothly each and every day. Your flooring system is a major factor in ensuring this happens. Constant repairs and shutdowns due to unsafe or failing floors greatly impact your business. Making the right decision now makes a difference. 

Questions to Ask about Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring System 

Ready to find the perfect commercial kitchen flooring system? Be sure to ask these questions: 

  • Who manufactures it? Who installs it? 
  • Does it stand up to thermal shock & cycling? 
  • Does it stand up to organic & chemical spills? 
  • Is it impact and abrasion resistant? 
  • Is it textured for slip resistance? 
  • Is it easy to clean? 
  • Does it require special maintenance? 

With more than 300 Territory Managers, Architectural/Engineer and Design teams and 200 application teams worldwide, Stonhard provides comprehensive support for selecting and installing seamless flooring systems as well as ensuring that projects are completed on time, meeting all standards. 

Stonhard’s polyurethane flooring systems within the Stonclad and Stonshield product line are specially formulated to meet the needs of commercial kitchens. Visit www.stonhard.com for more information. 

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