Is Seamless Flooring a Good Choice for My Facility? 

Have you considered seamless flooring for your industrial or commercial space? It’s an important decision. Choosing a floor that does not support the conditions of your workplace can result in hazards for employees and visitors, downtime for repairs that may need to be made over and over again, and even extensive shutdown periods due to having to replace a flooring system that didn’t last as long as expected. 

Seamless flooring can help you to avoid these issues, but choosing the right one for your environment is the key. 

What is Seamless Flooring? 

Seamless and weldless floors truly are floors without seams, ridges or joints. They are poured-in-place epoxy, urethane, or methyl methacrylate (MMA) formulations that become a part of a building’s very structure. 

Why Choose Seamless & Weldless Flooring? 

Seamless floors are preferred in many commercial and industrial environments due to their vast range of benefits. 

  • Their surfaces are easier to clean because there are no joints or seams which allow dirt and bacterium to hide. 
  • The seamless surface also makes for a safer environment for foot traffic and rolling equipment. Weldless flooring in hospitals, for example, allows gurneys and other medical equipment to be moved safely and quickly. 
  • Seamless floors also provide a better work process. Think about hospital corridors where patients are wheeled on gurneys or manufacturing plants where forklifts and equipment are driving up and down busy traffic aisles. Seamless floors can provide color variations to designate lanes in traffic aisles. 
  • These long-lasting flooring systems are unlike other systems because they are poured in place and won’t end up in landfills when a new floor is needed or desired. Some systems even incorporate recycled or renewable content into their formulations. 
  • Finally, seamless floors are often desired for their aesthetic value. As a design element, they produce a clean, sleek look that is highly-coveted by design teams, especially in commercial environments. 

How to Choose the Right Floor for Your Business 

Seamless floors are available for every environment. In order to choose the right floor, it’s important to first consider what your surface must withstand. Is it a high-traffic environment? Do you use heavy equipment? Will the surface come in contact with water or moisture on a continuous basis? Are high heat or temperature extremes a factor? Does your area require chemical resistance? These are just a few of the many important considerations that will come into play when selecting the right seamless system. 

There are also, of course, design considerations. What colors, finishes, patterns and textures meet your needs? Do you need a custom logo, pattern or color? Do you need to meet certain environmental specifications? 

The best thing about seamless floors is that they can achieve all of your requirements and with the help of knowledgeable salespeople and architectural/engineering and design teams, the exact floor you need can be specified. Once installed, you will have a floor that serves the unique needs of your business, and supporting its success, for many years. 

With more than 300 Territory Managers, Architectural/Engineer and Design teams and 200 application teams worldwide, Stonhard provides comprehensive support for selecting and installing seamless flooring systems as well as ensuring that projects are completed on time, meeting all standards. 

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